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Wordless Wednesday

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Wordless Wednesday

Mar 28

Crested Dwarf Iris

A friend and I stole some time this afternoon to walk a bit of the wildflower trail in Disharoon Valley, here in the North Georgia Mountains. We were rewarded with several treasures, but the most regal were a couple of stands of crested dwarf iris. These precious flowers just love the banks of the creek.

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Mar 28

Wordless Wednesday

Mar 25

Flowering Trees & Shrubs at Gibbs Gardens

A turn around some of the valley gardens of Gibbs Gardens this morning revealed a lot of flowering shrubs and trees. Some I recognized, others I did not.

Sweet Shrub

Sweet Shrub

Pink Dogwood


Time to dig into one of my bookcases to see if I find some photographs or drawings that will help me identify the mystery trees. Better yet, perhaps some of my readers can help me out!

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Mar 21

Wordless Wednesday

Mar 15

Narcissus: Daffodils & Jonquils

What a difference seven days make!  My short visit to Gibbs Gardens this morning was full of surprises. I had no idea there are so many variations of narcissus—amazing! I shot a few as they bloomed here and there and everywhere.

The flowering cherry trees were also delightful!

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Mar 14

Wordless Wednesday: Venice, Florida

Mar 12

Wildflowers at Amicalola Falls

My favorite time of year is spring. I never tire of weekly visits to a trail at the base of Amicalola Falls discovering what new wildflower is popping up from the ground or is in bloom.

Yesterday I was not disappointed when, with cameras in hand, I climbed the trail. It is times like these that I wish I knew something about photography and could do more than point and shoot! None-the-less, I get reasonable results from my Nikon Coolpix and my Panasonic Lumix.

sSince I choose a fairly early walk, some of the plants such as bloodroots and trout lilies were not in  full regalar. In addition to the bloodroot and trout lily, I saw rue anemones, chickweeds, purple toadshade trilliums, yellow trillium, purple and yellow violets, foamflowers and a single Virginia bluebell.


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Toadshade trillium

Rue anemone

Great chickweed

Mar 09

Gibbs Gardens

For over a year we’ve anticipated the grand opening of Gibbs Gardens here in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains. It was well worth the wait! The gardens began over 30 year ago when Jim Gibbs dreamed of developing a “world-class public garden” on his 300-acre private estate off of Yellow Creek Road in northeastern Cherokee County, Georgia. Gibbs is responsible for the brilliant artistry that adorns over 220 acres of landscaped gardens, streams, ponds, and woodlands.

Today I walked the Valley Gardens consisting of a variety of areas including: Waterlilly Gardens; Monet Bridge; The Pleasance; Grandchildren’s Sculpture Garden; Japanese Garden; Torii Gage; Wedding Gazebo; Daffodils; and more!

Of course it is early for many of the plants that will be showing later, but for now we are satisfied with the glory of the 50 acres of daffodils that cover the hillsides and select areas of the gardens. The beauty is beyond imagination!

The Japanese Gardens will be truly magnificent — lovely even now without lots of blooming plants.

The Grandchildren’s Sculpture Garden is charming with delightful statuary including the two illustrated in the photos to the left.

I’m looking forward to another visit within a couple of days.

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