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Feb 25

Family Recipe Friday: Crazy Cake

Crazy Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

Crazy Cake was a favorite of the chocolate lovers in Woodward Household and very easy to whip together. I’ve taken this up a notch by using Garibaldi unsweetened cocoa. Don’t dismiss this recipe because of the “crazy” ingredients. It is very moist and travels beautifully for family reunions, picnics, or pot luck dinners. In a …

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Jan 28

Family Recipe Friday: Mother Geiger’s Hermits


Mother Geiger gave me this recipe for Hermits, telling me that they were one of Charlie’s favorites. The cookies had been a favorite in the Walking family for a long time. Mother Geiger was born Elsie Walkling, daughter of Henry and Lizzie (Feurer) Walking, in Ottawa, Illinois. She married Howard Geiger in 1922. Grind 1/2 …

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Jan 21

Family Recipe Friday: Flax Seed Bread

Loaves of Flax Seed Bread

My weekly chore of bread making began when I was about eleven years old. We had a huge galvanized pan with a dough hook that I cranked by hand. I made five to six loaves of bread for toast and sandwiches, and rolls for the evening meals. No biscuits (we lived in New Hampshire). Although …

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Jan 13

Herb Pull-Apart Rolls

Herb Pull-Apart Rolls

Being snowed in and then iced in for several days, may account for my daring move this afternoon to try a new recipe for rolls. I found this recipe in the instructions book that came with my KitchenAid mixer. They don’t look very pretty, but they are yummy! (c) 2010 Linda Woodward Geiger, All Rights …

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Dec 23

Christmas Stollen

Get Ready, Get Set...

Stollen is a German sweet bread made with dried fruit and almonds. This is something I’ve traditionally prepared for the Christmas holidays since about 1968 (Yikes! that’s a very long time!). The recipe calls for a drizzle of confectionary icing, but for several years I’ve omitted that extra touch of sweet. The bread is really …

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