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Jun 25

Findmhypast buys Mocavo


Press Release, 23 Jun 2014 Please vist for details.

Mar 19

Amicalola Falls: Trail from the Base of the Falls

un-opened Blood Root (Whippoorwill Trillium in the background)

Spring is so near, but seems so far away. The North Georgia Mountains continue to be colder than usual for this time of year and the spring wildflowers are not making their normal progress. On the 9th of March, I traversed some of the Trail from the Base of the Amicalola Falls and was surprised …

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Jun 15

2011 IGHR

photo (1)

If you aren’t here at the Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research (IGHR),  Samford University Library you are missing out on a marvelous learning experience. There are 40 states and Washington, D.C., represented as well as the province of Ontario in Canada. The published numbers: 36 from Alabama; 26 from Texas; 23 from Georgia; 14 …

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Apr 01

Mother Nature in the North Georgia Mountains

Rue Anemone

This morning, after several days of “misty moisty” weather, the sun beckoned me to one of my favorite wild flower trails at Amicalola Falls. Once I arrived the sun went pretty much into hiding and it was a crispy 46º. None-the-less, with camera in hand, I began the assent along the trail to the falls. …

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Mar 21

Egg Coddlers

    When I first saw a coddler I was enchanted by the design. These are lovely porcelain cups with a screw-on lid in which one coddles eggs. I’ve found two sizes, one that will hold one egg and the other, two eggs. Unless, I just don’t shop enough or go to the right shops, …

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