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Apr 25

Life Changes

Our lives take many twists and turns as we travel through time. Some changes result because of re- location, career changes, retirement, family situations, and interests. When I was a junior and senior in high school. I saw myself in one of two roles—a farmer’s wife or a librarian. Our family, of very modest means, …

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Oct 22

Time to Retire


Throughout the years my life has taken me on many paths, none of which I envisioned in junior and senior years at Walpole High School. I saw myself in one of two roles—a farmer’s wife or a librarian. Our family, of very modest means, lived in Walpole, New Hampshire, where my twin brother and I graduated …

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Jun 04

December 1958: Walpole High School


I am sometimes astonish about the bits and pieces of my past that seem to surface from time to time. This newspaper article from the Keene Evening Sentinel was just waiting to be noticed again! The image was taken when I was a senior at Wapole High School, Walpole, New Hampshire.    

Dec 04

The Allan Kendall Orchestra and Santa Claus in Disguise

This morning when I opened a 6″x9″ envelope from a stranger named Arthur from Swanzey, New Hampshire. I was stunned to find two photographs of the Allen Kendall Orchestra taken in 1956 and a CD of their event on New Years Eve 1955. Tears flowed (and continue to trickle down as I write this post) as …

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Nov 11

Honoring U.S. Servicemen and Veterans

Two Special Veterans

I am thankful for all U.S. Servicemen for helping to preserve and gain human rights for our country!  

Apr 18

Wordless Wednesday – Hob-Knobbing with Abe

Gettysburg Visitor Center

Apr 15

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone!

It was a delicious day, perfect temperatures, beautiful skies, and lovely azaleas, red buds and dogwoods as the Sayres and I prepared for a day of adventure. We drove to Gettysburg to tour the battlefield in a way foreign to all three of us—using Segways provided by the Velke’s SegTours of Gettysburg. Following the first intimidating moments when we …

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Feb 24

College Room-Mates, Part II

Fiske Hall Historic Photograph

The post card image shown herein is part of shared Flicker collection, Keene and Cheshire County (NH) Historical Photos, by the Keene Public Library and the Historical Society of Cheshire County. Fiske Hall as depicted in the postcard at the right is from the era when the school was called Keene Normal School, by the time we entered …

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Feb 23

College Room-Mates, Part I


I’m writing this as I wait for my hostess to waken. I’m spending a couple of days in Venice, Florida, with my college room-mate and her hubby, Jane (Hawkins) & David Goland. As usual, I’m up early (4:30 am) and am trying to be a thoughtful guest. It may be hard to believe, but there …

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Oct 22

Do You Remember?


Bet a copy of this advertisement does not hang in a prominent place in the Reagan Library.

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