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Mar 25

Flowering Trees & Shrubs at Gibbs Gardens

Sweet Shrub

A turn around some of the valley gardens of Gibbs Gardens this morning revealed a lot of flowering shrubs and trees. Some I recognized, others I did not. Time to dig into one of my bookcases to see if I find some photographs or drawings that will help me identify the mystery trees. Better yet, …

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Mar 21

Wordless Wednesday

Gibbs Gardens

Mar 15

Narcissus: Daffodils & Jonquils

Gibbs Gardens

What a difference seven days make!  My short visit to Gibbs Gardens this morning was full of surprises. I had no idea there are so many variations of narcissus—amazing! I shot a few as they bloomed here and there and everywhere. The flowering cherry trees were also delightful! © Linda Woodward Geiger. All Rights Reserved.

Mar 14

Wordless Wednesday: Venice, Florida

Crane at Bird Bay Way

Mar 12

Wildflowers at Amicalola Falls


My favorite time of year is spring. I never tire of weekly visits to a trail at the base of Amicalola Falls discovering what new wildflower is popping up from the ground or is in bloom. Yesterday I was not disappointed when, with cameras in hand, I climbed the trail. It is times like these …

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Feb 29

Wordless Wednesday: Hong Kong Orchid

Hong Kong Orchid

Apr 13

Spring Makes Me Think of Skunk Cabbage


Apr 13

Spring Makes Me Think of Dandelions

Apr 01

Mother Nature in the North Georgia Mountains

Rue Anemone

This morning, after several days of “misty moisty” weather, the sun beckoned me to one of my favorite wild flower trails at Amicalola Falls. Once I arrived the sun went pretty much into hiding and it was a crispy 46º. None-the-less, with camera in hand, I began the assent along the trail to the falls. …

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Mar 29

Flowering Trees at Dawn

Budding Dogwood in McDaniel Meadow

Flowering redbud and dogwood trees in McDaniel Meadow at Big Canoe. The weather is crisp, but the trees are a sure sign that spring is here. These photos were shot today just about dawn. Copyright. Linda Woodward Geiger. All Rights reserved.

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