Mar 16

Spring Is Finally in the Air

Gibbs GardensSpring plants are a little bit behind schedule here in the North Georgia Mountains this year—our winter has been a bit colder than usual. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the wild flowers to waken at Amicalola Falls and the daffodils to strut their stuff at Gibbs Gardens. After closely watching both areas for two weeks, I’ve finally been rewarded.

Friday morning (14 March 2014) I stole an hour to film some of the daffodils at Gibbs Gardens.

I completely agree with the wording that appears on the Gibbs Gardens website

Gibbs Gardens is the best place to be as winter fades and spring bursts forth. There is absolutely nothing that compares to the singular beauty of 20 million daffodil blossoms—flowing in waves of sunbeam colors—across 50 acres of hills, woodlands and valley.

Daffodil, jonquil, narcissus … I confess I don’t have a clue with respect to their varieties, but I do so appreciate their beauty.

Gibbs Gardens Gibbs Gardens Gibbs Gardens Gibbs Gardens

It’s raining here again, but I’ll be driving over to Amicalola Falls as soon as the precipitation ceases—I just know that the warmer weather during this last week will have been a magic tonic to the whippoorwill trillium, trout lilies, and wood anemone that were just pushing their way out of the soil a week ago.

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