Oct 06

Georgia’s Virtual Vault

Now that the Georgia Archives is a part of the University System of Georgia rather that the Office of the Secretary of State, the website is being revised under the University System — not an easy or quick task!

This post is written to assist individuals who are trying to locate the online images, but are now having difficulty doing so. I know that I became rather frustrated until I finally discovered that the following steps would get me to those files, I love so much.

  1. Go to http://cdm.sos.state.ga.us:2011/cdm/
  2. Select the first option, “Ad Hoc Collection”
  3. Locate the Gray bar immediately under the header, “Georgia Archives University System of Georgia
    Select “Browse All”
  4. You’ll notice about four options in the vertical bar on the left
    Click on “Show 33 more”
  5. You’ll now find all of the categories that you may wish to use.

For example, you might be interested in the collection called, “Georgia Death Certificates.” If that is the case, the from step #5,

 Click on the box in front of “Georgia Death Certificates”
  2. Click on “OK” in the bottom right corner of that box
  3. Now you may scroll through the certificate images (in alpha order)
or type in a name in the search box at the top of the page. I suggest typing in only the surname. If you can’t find what you want, then try a spelling variation of that surname. If that search is too much, then add search by “surname, given name.”

Note: Something Cool! When searching by surname alone, you may get more hits than you think you want, but there is a silver lining! The surname search will frequently include names of parents with that surname of informants. What a wonderful way to determine maiden names of mothers. I’d be re-missed, however, if I didn’t offer a word of caution. the names of parents offered on death certificates are not always correct. Use your newly found piece of evidence with extreme caution.

© Linda Woodward Geiger