May 06

The Village Festival at Big Canoe

Yesterday, The Village Festival at Big Canoe made its debut. The festival will be a weekly event on Saturday morning (9:00 am – 12:00 pm) through the end of October.

According to plan I arrived a few short minutes before opening, and was horrified to see that parking was already at a premium and swarms of people. “Suck it in,” I told myself, “find a place to park, and then pretend that you alone will be visiting each stand.” Easier said than done for this wimpy agoraphobic.  None-the-less, I did manage to make a very quick tour of the booths, pick up a few business cards, and snap a few shots with my phone.

Coles Lake Creamery from Carrollton, Georgia, had a lovely display for their goat cheese and homemade soap products. They are a small grade A dairy milking about 35 does. I came home with a three pack of onion & chives, garlic, and Italian herb cheeses. Delicious! These young men appear to be relatively new in the world of marketing and as of yet do not have a business card to say nothing about a website.

Jim Oneacre had a marvelous selection of homemade baskets, “Baskets by Jim.” I hope to find a need for another basket before next week. Jim doesn’t take credit cards and I did not much cash with me. I will plan ahead in the future.

Etowah River Pottery had a nice display of soap dishes, teaspoon holders (think I’d call them teabag holders), This small company from Dahlonega also had a nice selection of homemade soap.

All in all the market place was successful and hopefully the crowds will simmer down a bit as the season wears on. There is one need from improvement, however. More space needs to be provided for parking and something must be done about the dreadful traffic flow problem. Hopefully Bill Burns will see that problem is minimized by next week.

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