Apr 15

Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone!

It was a delicious day, perfect temperatures, beautiful skies, and lovely azaleas, red buds and dogwoods as the Sayres and I prepared for a day of adventure. We drove to Gettysburg to tour the battlefield in a way foreign to all three of us—using Segways provided by the Velke’s SegTours of Gettysburg. Following the first intimidating moments when we stepped on our mounts: Fire Fly, Teddy, and Dixie.

We were provided instructions and training for our tour before leaving the premises. Only after the staff was satisfied that we would all navigate well, were we allowed to leave our training cones and ramps behind to tackle the real world.

Are you wondering about Fire Fly, Teddy, and Dixie?  Velke has named each segway for one of the horses associated in some way with the Battle of Gettysburg. Fire Fly was the mount of Confederate  Maj. Gen. Robert E. Rodes; Dixie the horse of Colonel Edward Porter Alexander; and Teddy…well, Teddy is new to the fleet and I don’t know who rode Teddy during the battle.

We road through the edge of town and out onto the county roads.  The ride and day were just wonderful! In fact awesome!

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  1. Michelle Goodrum

    Linda, You rock. Sounds like a fantabulous way to see the sights!

  2. Vivian

    How cool! Great that so many facilities are now offering Segways. Practical and fun.

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