Mar 12

Wildflowers at Amicalola Falls

My favorite time of year is spring. I never tire of weekly visits to a trail at the base of Amicalola Falls discovering what new wildflower is popping up from the ground or is in bloom.

Yesterday I was not disappointed when, with cameras in hand, I climbed the trail. It is times like these that I wish I knew something about photography and could do more than point and shoot! None-the-less, I get reasonable results from my Nikon Coolpix and my Panasonic Lumix.

sSince I choose a fairly early walk, some of the plants such as bloodroots and trout lilies were not in  full regalar. In addition to the bloodroot and trout lily, I saw rue anemones, chickweeds, purple toadshade trilliums, yellow trillium, purple and yellow violets, foamflowers and a single Virginia bluebell.


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Toadshade trillium

Rue anemone

Great chickweed