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Evidence: A Matter of Context for Genealogists & Historians

There is never a good excuse for not remembering to wish our friends a happy birthday or plesant salutations for various holidays. However, some of us get caught up with every day family affairs and work and are not always wonderful about remembering to send out a “snail mail” paper greeting.

With that in mind, a clever friend who did not send me greetings on my recent entry into the septuagenarian club gave me a late birthday card for my 70th as well as a second card for my 80th, stating that she did not wish to be late sending me a card for that special event. That tickled me and I couldn’t resist sending out the following tweet

That tweet was automatically shared with my Facebook account.

I’m sharing the comments made on Facebook – all from my family of genealogists and historians.

It just goes to show that top notch professionals do not always look at evidence in the same manner. It depends on the context. However, I’m thankful that most did not think I appeared to be 80 years old.

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  1. Marian Pierre-Louis

    What a great post! And thanks for reminder to put everything in the proper context.

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