Dec 04

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun: Dear Genea-Santa

Dear Genea-Santa,

Thank you, thank you, for making sure that I got to the 1st RootsTech conference in Salt Lake City last year!

Although it’s not easy, I’ve tried very hard to be a good genea-girl and historea-girl this year. Countless hours have been distributed to the Georgia Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association, the Friends of the National Archives-Southeast Region, and the Georgia Genealogical Society.

My wish-list for this year is fairly short. Is it too much to ask for an iPad? That would make me so very happy. I’d also like some help finding what happened to my  5th great grandfather Stephen Woodward and his son Jesse (my 4th great grandfather). They were in Plaistow, NH by 1757 and that’s where my Jesse was born. Just a few hints, please, Genea-Santa!

Don’t forget any of my genea-brothers and genea-sisters when you are making your rounds. Stuff their stockings full of new hints to locate their elusive ancestors.

I’ll have special cookies and milk  (or would you prefer chocolate-raspberry coffee?) for you on Christmas Eve and special flaxseed & oats for your genea-reindeer.