Nov 06

Georgia Archives Open 8 More Days in 2011

It’s a sad state of affairs. Currently, the Georgia Archives is open to the public fewer hours than any other state (at least to my knowledge)—Friday & Saturday unless there is a state or federal holiday that falls on Monday or during the weekend.

Those whishing to conduct historical or scholarly research at the Georgia Archives need to be careful scheduling precious visits. During this month of November the Archives schedule show four days of operation and we’ve already seen two of those fly by. When the Archives is open the operating hours are from 8:30am to 5:00pm (out of the research area by 4:45). Here is the schedule for the remainder of the year:

4 November: open
5 November: open

11 November: closed (Veteran’s day)
12 November: closed (because they closed Friday from Veteran’s day)

18 November: open
19 November: open

25 November: closed (Thanksgiving day on Thursday)
26 November: closed (Thanksgiving day on Thursday)

2 December: open
3 December: open

9 December: open
10 December: open

16 December: open
17 December: open

23 December: closed (Christmas is coming)
24 December: closed (Christmas Eve)

30 December: closed (New Year’s Day is approaching)
31 December: closed (New Year’s Eve)

I know times are hard, but there is no excuse for this—ignorance on the part of Georgia’s legislature is, however, a reason. The legislature continues to support fishermen and a few of their favorite recreational activities, while cutting funding (that means hours and staff) for the Archives and many of Georgia’s State and Historical Sites  (most of the later are generally open to the public only 3 days a week, Thursday through Saturday).

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