Oct 15


Have you ever thought about the wide variety of beds (or facsimiles) there are for folks to rest their weary bodies? To name but a few, there are straw beds; beds made with paletts; beds made from rugs; mattress made with down, feathers, straw, coils, air, and combinations thereof. Even if one is lucky enough to rest upon a mattress the options are numerous: “feather bed,” Tempur-Pedic, Select Number, water beds, and plain vanilla (Simmons, Beauty Rest, etc.) that come in very firm, firm, medium firm, medium, or soft.

I never gave it much thought except I’m most comfortable on a very firm (plywood sandwiched between a box spring and firm mattress). On the other hand the kid brother had slept on (or is it in) a water bed for decades. Knowing that, when he moved in with me, I thought it wise to have the floor reinforced in his bedroom so that I wouldn’t find the waterbed had fallen into the garage and worse yet on top of my Subaru. I must confess, I was not thrilled with the possibility of a leaking mattress… So the Kid took pity on his old sister and decided to try a Sleep Number bed. Alas, the Sleep Number was not his forte so yesterday he took down the Sleep Number and packaged it to return to the company. Then within short order he had his water mattress in place and the filling began. Happily he slept well last evening and the Sleep Number mattress was shipped back to the company this morning.