Oct 04

16th Annual TOTA Conference Kicks Off

16th Annual Trail of Tears Association Conference & Symposium is being held this week in Cherokee, North Carolina. This years event is being hosted by the North Carolina Chapter of TOTA.

Last evening, conference attendees enjoyed the company of each other at the Kituwah Mound. Thomas Belt discussed the historical and cultural significane of the place—Kituwah Town.

Unfortunately a local farmer choose to harrow off a great deal of the Kituwah Mound so that the entire field would accomodate his entire corn crop. Only a small portion of the mound exists today and the area is now owned and preserved by the Eastern Band of Cherokee.

Following a nice catered supper by Granny’s Kitchen, we had the opportunity to watch the Warriors of AniKituhwa. The Warriors of AniKituhwa performed a couple of war dances as well as some Cherokee social dances including the Buffalo dance. We had a delightful evening.

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