Aug 20

Educational Tools: Webinars

Webinars are relatively new educational tools and many free Webinars are available for the taking, errr, should I say registering!  Many of you, I dare say, are familiar with this great concept.

NewKids on the Block

Friends of the National Archives Southeast Region the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm Eastern Time. The Friends first Webinar was with J. Mark Lowe, CG, FUGA, was a great success. On the 12th of September, I will be presenting “World War I Selective Service Records” (more than just the draft cards!).

Georgia Genealogical Society. This past Saturday the GGS board committed to establishing one webinar a month (third Monday, 8pm Eastern Time). A schedule is being formatted and watch the GGS Facebook and Twitter pages for more details.

Opportunities Galore

For additional Webinars be sure to visit the following websites for scheduled

What You Need to Attend a Webinar
1)   Computer and speakers
2)   Good internet connection

How to Attend a Webinar
1)   Locate a subject of interest (many options are included previous links of this post).
2)   Register for the Webinar. Carefully note the start time of the event including the time zone.  Following registration, you’ll receive two more reminders of the scheduled Webinar.
3)   About ten to five minutes before “start” time logon to the Webinar by clicking the link provided on their registration confirmation. Caution: the number of Webinar participants is limited according to the plan of the sponsoring organization, generally 100 or 1,000, and the count begins with the logon to the event—first come, first served.

Citrix, produces of GoToWebinar have prepared a very useful Attendee Quick Reference Guide. If you are reluctant to get your feet wet this three page guide should give you the courage to dive right in!

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