Jul 10

Roots Magic to sponsor Cyber Cafe at FGS2011

We’ve just learned that RootsMagic will sponsor a Cyber Cafe at FGS 2011 in Springfield, Illinois (7-10 September). The Cyber Cafe is a place where attendees will be able to use a limited number of computers and printers, and and an opportunity to charge mobile devises. Read All About It! Be sure to visit the FGS 2011 Media Center to see the latest posts relating to the Federation of Genealogical Societies’ 2011 Conference –Pathways to the Heartland.

We are so very happy to see that FGS has embraced technology, particularly social media, webinars, and MySociety Online Radio. I was recently shocked to hear that some folks have never heard about national genealogy conferences−NGS or FGS.

Actually NGS and FGS are not the only highly recognized conferences. Thanks to social media and webinar technology, RootsTech and Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree have become major conference destinations.

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