Jul 29

NPS Trail of Tears Teacher Workshop

As an informal educator with the Georgia Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to attend a National Park Service Trail of Tears Teachers’ Workshop at the Little River Canyon Center in Fort Payne, Alabama, this week. We’ve experienced outstanding presentations by Dr. Kathryn Holland Braund; Dr. Gregg O’Brien; Dr. Richard Allen; Vicki Rozema; Chickamauga Battlefield interpreters Chris Young and Jim Ogden;  and Dr. Andrew Frank.

Today the Alabama Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association will provide presentations by Gail King, Larry Smith, and Michael Wren. This week informative Evening sessions have also been provided (these have been held at DeSoto State Park).

Yesterday we took a Field trip to the Brainard Mission Cemetery and Ross’s Landing.

About 1816, John Ross established and operated a ferry across the Tennessee River  above Chattanooga Creek. It was at Ross’s Landing (now Chattanooga) where thousand’s of Cherokees camped waiting to be removed to the West. Many of the Cherokee crossed the Tennessee River (for the first time) at this place during removal.

Near the site of Ross’ ferry a memorial to celebrate the Cherokee has been erected. It is a delightful interactive area water park.

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