Jun 28

The One That Didn’t Get A Way

Big Canoe’s marina is on Lake Pettit. The little marina has seen vast improvement and greater activity since Gordon Breen became manager about a year and a half ago.

Last week Gordon sent an invitation to the ladies of Big Canoe “Ever wanted to learn how to fish but don’t have tackle and really don’t want to touch a slimy worm or fish?” His initial plan was to schedule two evenings of fishing for four ladies per evening (a total of eight).  The response was over whelming. About thirty women rushed to sign up. The first group of about sixteen were divided among three of Big Canoe’s finest fisherman on three pontoon boats.

Paul Pattek was skipper and teacher extraordinaire of the boat that I was on. We were on the water about two hours and were instructed about the intricacies of catching trout while trolling. We learned about trolling speed, side planers (did you know there were left and right side planers?), clinch knots, number 6 hooks, ½ oz weights, 8 pound line, and reels (open faced, closed face, and reels with a device to measure the amount of line that was being used) —tackle and gear.

Rainbow Trout

Ultimately three fish liked the soft wiggling worm we were offering. Two of them got away. Amazing since only two rods were used during the evening.

We had great fun and I’m looking forward to trying my luck some early morning.

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