Jun 09


Nearly fifteen years ago I found a newspaper clipping (newspaper title and date were not recorded) describing a little of Frank R. Woodward’s eightieth birthday. Francis R. Woodward was born 9 February 1845 [son of Daniel S. and Dorcas (Adams) Woodward [Dearborn’s History of Salisbury, New Hampshire, 1890]. The article read, in part,
” He put all of his money into his glass cutter and after he had made up a lot of them he packed up what he had and went to Boston where he peddled them on the street to get money enough to take him into New York, as he figured on the first lap of a transcontinental trip to advertise his cutter.”

I don’t know whether or not Frank R. Woodward ever got across the seas, but he apparently had invented a very nice tool that seemed to sell. Consequently, it seemed to me, then, that he probably wanted to protect his invention and it was plausible that he applied for a government patent on the devise.

Fifteen years ago, the patents were not available Online and I spent hours in “Government Docs” at the University of Georgia Library in Athens, Georgia. I methodically worked through the volumes chronologically abstracting the large variety of inventions by Woodwards (including spelling variations). I found several patent applications by Frank R. Woodward including one for his glass cutter.

Today the search is much easier and can be done from the comfort of my home office on Google Patents.

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