Jun 15

2011 IGHR

If you aren’t here at the Institute of Genealogical and Historical Research (IGHR),  Samford University Library you are missing out on a marvelous learning experience.

There are 40 states and Washington, D.C., represented as well as the province of Ontario in Canada. The published numbers: 36 from Alabama; 26 from Texas; 23 from Georgia; 14 from Tennessee; 13 from Illinois; 12 from California and Florida; 9 from Arkansas, Maryland, North Carolina, and New Jersey; 8 from Massachusetts and Utah; 7 from Colorado and Minnesota; 6 from Ohio, South Carolina and Washington; 5 from Indiana, Missouri, and Virginia; 4 from Kentucky and Pennsylvania; 3 from Delaware, new York, Oklahoma, Oregon and Wisconsin; 2 from Connecticut, Iowa, Louisiana, and New Hampshire; and 1 from Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, Rhode Island, West Virginia, AE (APO), District of Columbia, and Ontario, Canada. All in all about 300 have congregated here to become more proficient in a variety of courses: 1) Techniques and Technology, 2) Intermediate Genealogy and Historical Studies, 3) German Genealogical Research, 4)  Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis, 5) Writing and Publishing for Genealogists, 6) Genealogy as a Profession, 7) Virginia: Her Records & Her Laws, 8) Land Records: Using Maps; 9) Military Records Research II: Colonial Wars, French & Indian War, Revolutionary War & War of 1812, 10) Irish Genealogical Research.

I’m delighted to be in Course 8 with Rick Sayre, Melinda Kashuba, John Lanier, and Jerry Smith. To illustrate the pace of this (and all other courses), I started this post early Monday morning and expected to add much more. But here we are in the early afternoon of Wednesday and I realize the post will not finished soon, hence, will stop now and write more later.

A lot is going on here a Samford this week, freshmen orientation, registration, basketball camp and….. Social Media even very evident.

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