May 13

NGS 2011 at Charleston

Pipers preparing for opening ceremony

Twenty years ago I attended my first genealogical conference—that’s when I left teaching so that I could pursue genealogy full-time. With each and every adventure, there is so much to learn and so many more wonderful people to meet. The NGS conference in Charleston is no different, I’m pleased to say.

On Tuesday afternoon, I was pleased to join genea-quilters, Dear Mryt and Marcia Rice, on an excursion to a lovely little quilt shop, People, Places and Quilts, shop on Henrietta Street in Charleston. The two lovely ladies working in the shop were pleased to have out-of-state visitors and excited to here about the NGS Conference—both them were going to be first-time attendees this year.

Dear Myrt (Pat Richley-Ericson)

Marcia Rice

There is so much going on that there is little time for posting blogs. There is a lot to report as time allows.

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