Apr 10

Yankee Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there lived a man who had nine little boys. Each of the nine little boys had a pair of red stockings. They were real nice little boys, and from Boston, too, which is supposed to be something particularly nice, they say. How pretty they were with their smiling, bright, and shiny, well scrubbed little faces, just looking so eager to be loved.

Now these nine nice little red-stockinged boys played baseball together every day. Of course they didn’t really play baseball, and they didn’t really play together, but their daddy loved them anyway and their friends love them anyway, and their nine big cousins from New York City loved them more than anyone else.

Daddy and his friends just knew that in one more year the nine little red-stockinged boys would certainly be just the very best baseball team in the whole wide world. Every year they would say this, but, alas, the years went by and it just never seemed to happen that way, and they were such nine little boys and so disappointed.

Then Daddy would cry, and their friends would cry, and the nine little red-stockinged boys would cry most of all. (Except for one who would much rather go fishing, anyway.)

Meanwhile, back in New York City, their nine big cousins just went on living happily ever after, because, you see, they were really the very best baseball team in the whole wide, wide world, and they didn’t even live in Boston.


Around 1957 or so I clipped this article from the newspaper and carried it around with me until it nearly fell to pieces. At that time I transcribed it. Alas, it was before I learned how important it was to document my sources so I cannot provide a proper citation. I’m inclined to say that I cut it out of the Concord Daily Monitor when I was visiting my Grandmother in Loudon, New Hampshire.

In the 15th week of “52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History” bloggers were encouraged to write about their favorite childhood sports team. I did that and if you are so inclined you can read about that on My Family Research blog.

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  1. Greta Koehl

    I must have my husband read, the die-hard Red Sox fan, read this. So sad and so funny!

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