Apr 01

Mother Nature in the North Georgia Mountains


Creeping Phlox

This morning, after several days of “misty moisty” weather, the sun beckoned me to one of my favorite wild flower trails at Amicalola Falls. Once I arrived the sun went pretty much into hiding and it was a crispy 46┬║. None-the-less, with camera in hand, I began the assent along the trail to the falls. The blood-root that I saw about two weeks ago was just about expired with only a couple of tired blossoms trying to hang on. The trout-lillies blossoms that were just beginning to bud two weeks ago had seen their glory and were now completely faded away.

Virginia Bluebells

One of the reasons that I love the little trail so much is that the flowers come and go almost weekly as Mother Nature changes the landscape. Today the toadstool trillium, Virginia bluebells, and great chickweed were in full bloom. I was also delighted to see creeping phlox, rue anemone, foamflowers, and several varieties of violets.┬áThe Dutchman’s breeches and Jack-in-the-pulpits are beginning to reach maturity.

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Great Chickweed



Dutchman's Breeches


Rue Anemone

Toadstool Trillium