Apr 03

Marina at Big Canoe

When I was a kid I adored going fishing with my twin brother and/or my Dad. As an adult, I’ve rarely made the opportunities to continue that enjoyment. Perhaps because it’s spring again, I find my mind wandering to the good times only the brooks in Walpole, New Hampshire, where we caught delicious brook trout. Dad or Pete would clean them and Mom would fry them. Oh what a wonderful meal they made.┬áPete and I also enjoyed catching horn-pout (cat fish as they are simply called here in the south) in a pond on the county road. We also caught lots of frogs and Mom would fry them up for us to enjoy.

Here at Big Canoe there are several creeks, but I’ve not heard of folks fishing in them. Fishermen do, however, take advantage of the great fishing in Lake Petitt. In fact several years ago when Pete came to visit he and I spent most of our time on the banks of Lake Petitt fishing for lake trout. The last day, Pete finally caught a couple of nice rainbow trout. I had only a nibble or two. In the early morning when I’m at the Big Canoe Fitness Center I enjoy hearing Gordon Breen talking about the advances he is making at the Marina including a little cabin where we will be able to purchase our fishing licenses, bait, etc. I also enjoy tales Paul has about his adventures fishing here as well as at Lake Lanier. I’ve also enjoy cooking some of Paul’s wonderful catches.

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by the Marina to see the progress up close and personal.

Copyright. Linda Woodward Geiger