Apr 26

1940 Census: Will You Be Ready?

It is almost time! The 1940 U.S. Population Schedule will be released in a little under one year (April 2012). In order to use the new record well, we need to study the parameters of the record as well as finding aids that will be available for us.

Did you know that the National Archives website has all of that information ready for our use as well as a blank copy of the 1940 census form? I’m using the information to begin constructing my research plan. What do I need to know before I tackle the records?

  • Who do I expect to find
  • Where does each individual or family reside?
  • What is the enumeration district in which they reside?

If you have an urban family, city directories will be a valuable tool to help you find an unknown residence. You may also be able to locate clues from your 1930 census research.