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Apr 26

1940 Census: Will You Be Ready?

It is almost time! The 1940 U.S. Population Schedule will be released in a little under one year (April 2012). In order to use the new record well, we need to study the parameters of the record as well as finding aids that will be available for us. Did you know that the National Archives …

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Apr 15

Follow Friday: Moultrie Creek Gazette

Many of my friends know that I love technology and am a sucker for as many of the latest gadgets as my purse strings will allow. Having gadgets (including dynamite software) is a huge waste unless I know how to operate them. That generally means a significant amount of learning—”Professional Development,” is what I call …

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Apr 13

Spring Makes Me Think of Skunk Cabbage


Apr 13

Spring Makes Me Think of Dandelions

Apr 11

Dawn at Big Canoe

Big Canoe Chapel & Broyles Center

Oh how I wish this photograph did justice to the beauty viewed at Wolfscratch Village in Big Canoe this morning. The shot captures the cupola on the Broyles Center behind the beautiful dogwoods at dawn. © Linda Woodward Geiger. All Rights Reserved.

Apr 10

Yankee Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there lived a man who had nine little boys. Each of the nine little boys had a pair of red stockings. They were real nice little boys, and from Boston, too, which is supposed to be something particularly nice, they say. How pretty they were with their smiling, bright, and shiny, …

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Apr 09

Whims in Wills

Curious Obligations Attached to Deeds of Property. The eccentricity of men shows itself in no more extraordinary form than in obligations attached to deeds of property by which some whim of the seller is forced upon all future owners. The Quakers who founded Philadelphia sometimes asserted themselves in this way after death. The owners of …

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Apr 09

Civil War Records at Ancestry

  Behind the famous generals and battles of the Civil War are the everyday soldiers who played a role in this significant chapter of American history. Their stories – and your own family’s Civil War story – live on in the enlistment records and muster rolls, correspondence, pension applications and more we’ve just added to …

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Apr 06

Press Release


  Dear Fellow Society Leaders: We are fast approaching another successful Genealogy Jamboree, and we are looking forward to working with you to make it the best event ever. This email contains several ways for your genealogical, historical or family heritage society to participate in Jamboree at little or no cost. Before we get into …

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Apr 03

Marina at Big Canoe

Big Canoe Marina

When I was a kid I adored going fishing with my twin brother and/or my Dad. As an adult, I’ve rarely made the opportunities to continue that enjoyment. Perhaps because it’s spring again, I find my mind wandering to the good times only the brooks in Walpole, New Hampshire, where we caught delicious brook trout. …

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