Mar 21

Egg Coddlers


Egg Coddlers


When I first saw a coddler I was enchanted by the design. These are lovely porcelain cups with a screw-on lid in which one coddles eggs.

I’ve found two sizes, one that will hold one egg and the other, two eggs. Unless, I just don’t shop enough or go to the right shops, egg coddlers are not easily found in the United States. However, I recently Googled “egg coddler” and located a short-list of vendors that sell coddlers, but not Royal Worcester. I just love the designs on the Royal Worcester—now, don’t I sound like Mrs. Bucket and her Royal Dalton 😉  If any one has a U.S. vendor for Royal Worcester egg coddlers, please share your source.

When I have guests, I like to serve coddled eggs for breakfast.

Lightly butter inside of cup. Break egg(s) into it. Add butter, salt & pepper (when there is enough room, I like to add some shredded cheese) and screw on the lid. Cook for ten minutes in boiling water (enough to cover the coddler). Lift cup from the water using the metal ring, then unscrew top grasping the entire cover.

For variety, add shredded cheese, chopped ham, sautéed mushrooms, or use your imagination.

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