Feb 27

Making Better Order of Things

Sometimes I wonder where my blinders are… I need to put them on. I’ve never been bored in my life and have no patience for those who are. Besides reading good books, listening to great music, learning something new in the technical world, there are so many things I like to do. Some of you will noticed that I’ve started blogging about many of my enjoyable times. The problem is, this blog was making me more than a bit confused and I expect many of my readers have felt the same way.

In order to help with the confusion, I’ve decided to split the former subject matter for this blog into four parts: 1) a blog for “My Family Research” 2) a blog for research of North Georgia Families in what would become (1831) original Cherokee County; 3) a blog, I call “Crafty Lady,” in which I’ll share my hobbies of digital scrapbooking, quilting, baking, etc.; and 4) this blog will remain as a place for me to discuss new technical events, and general adventures. “Anamnesis: Musings by Linda” will still be a bit disorderly, but I expect we will all be a bit less confused! I also have another blog which relates to research for Woodward (including spelling variants) families in the United States.

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