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Feb 27

Making Better Order of Things

Sometimes I wonder where my blinders are… I need to put them on. I’ve never been bored in my life and have no patience for those who are. Besides reading good books, listening to great music, learning something new in the technical world, there are so many things I like to do. Some of you …

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Feb 27

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden, 2/26/2011

Yesterday was a gorgeous day — perfect for visiting the Atlanta Botanical Garden. ABG has an amazing variety of gardens including the “Southern Seasons Garden,” Camellias,’ Perennial Gardens, Japanese Garden, Rose Garden, and Rock Garden. All are so marvelous but will be much more inviting when spring sprouts in three or four weeks. During the …

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Feb 26

Casserole Kimono

Casserole Kimono

In a December post of Genea-Quilters ‘Ole Myrt provided a photo of the Casserole Kimono she made for Carrie. I was inspired and thought this would be fun to make for myself and also as a possible house gift visiting friends. Thanks, Myrt, for the post!

Feb 25

Family Recipe Friday: Crazy Cake

Crazy Cake with Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting

Crazy Cake was a favorite of the chocolate lovers in Woodward Household and very easy to whip together. I’ve taken this up a notch by using Garibaldi unsweetened cocoa. Don’t dismiss this recipe because of the “crazy” ingredients. It is very moist and travels beautifully for family reunions, picnics, or pot luck dinners. In a …

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Feb 23

Wordless Wednesday: Ronda, Costa del Sol


Feb 16

Wordless Wednesday: Aquedoktan House

Aquedoktan House, Weirs Beach

Alfred H. Brown and others owned the resort destination house they called :Aquedoktan House. The hotel was located at the Weirs on Lake Winnepausaukee in New Hampshire. (c) 2010 Linda Woodward Geiger, All Rights Reserved.

Feb 14

Valentine’s Day

2011 Valentine's Day

The historic reasoning for Valentine’s day appears to be rather mysterious — Patron Saint? Which one of the three Saint Valentines (Valentinus)? But does it really matter? NO! Although, today Valentine’s day is associated with romance, but in addition I like to think of it as a day to reminder of loving thy neighbor! ┬áSo …

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Feb 12



As a young girl I was delighted with this piece of card stock advertising that I found in Nana Perkins’ shed. It tickled me when Nana wound her first two fingers through the holes–her knuckles producing the illusions of the “old girl’s” knees. In this instance the ad was for the Wayside Country Store on …

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Feb 11

RootsTech: Exhibitor


I’m passionate about digital scrapbooking, so you can imagine my delight to find a digital scrapbook exhibitor here in the exhibit hall at RootsTech. Today I had a little time to spend at Exhibitor’s booth #605: Digital Scrapbook Memories. Amy Herzog is the owner can a delight to with which to converse. At the booth …

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Feb 11

Second Life: APG Mtg 2/11/2011

What can Second Life do for Genealogists? Watch this interview on You Tube with Dear Myrtle and Tami Glatz. You may wish to sign up (free) on and create your avatar then join in on “Just Genealogy Fire Pit.” Or if you are at RootsTech in SLC, go to the Family History Library to …

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