Jan 20

Thriller Thursday: Death of Hobart Cape

The Cape Family of Hinton, Georgia, witnessed more than it’s share of tragedy. I have so much empathy for Alice D. (Yancy) Cape, wife of William L. Cape and mother of Cora, Levi, Hobart, Madie, and Waldo.

A family ruckus erupted on August 4th, 1924 and Levi, who reported was intoxicated, drew a gun and killed his brother, Hobart, and wounded his father, William Lee Cape.

The Atlanta Constitution (August 5, 1924, page 5) reported: “Alleged Slayer Eludes Posses, Jasper, Georgia, August 4. “Posses tonight continued their search for Levi Cate [Cape], who Saturday is alleged to have shot and killed his brother, Hobert Cate [Cape], and then turned on his father, W. L. Cate, a county policeman, and wounded him with the same gun. Members of the sheriff’s force took dogs to the scene of the fatal shooting at the Cate [Cape] home, about 10 miles west of here, but they were unable to follow the trail.
Levi Cate [Cape] fled into nearby woods and is believed by officers to be heavily armed. The dogs lost the trail soon after they entered the woods.
The shooting is said to have resulted when Levi became enraged as his father reprimanded him for being drunk. He flashed his gun and started to fire on his father, when his brother, Hobart, tried to act as mediator. The death gun was then turned on the brother, according to witnesses. Hobart rushed to his mother, exclaiming that he was “killed,” and died in her arms.
Levi was adjudged insane before, as a result, it is said, of excessive drinking. He had become addicted to liquor again, and the father Levi Cate [Cape] has a wife and several children. Hobart Cape was unmarried.”

This killing was the beginning of several tragic deaths that must of broken Mrs. Cape’s heart.