Jan 13

Winter Storm in Georgia

Snow fall against the dark of night

Snow and ice storms can create havoc with the everyday living in Georgia. I’ve lived in Georgia for twenty six years and on there has been the occasional winter storm. The snow would last, perhaps, a day before nearly all traces of the storm would disappear. The average high in Georgia this time of year is in the low 50s. ┬áIn the past I used my snow shovel (brought from Massachusetts when we moved) two times. In the 2009-2010 winter things got changed up a bit and I recall being iced in for a couple of days on four different occasions and it was the coldest winter on record during the time I’d resided here.

Snow Fall at Big Canoe

The winter of 2010-2011 has barely begun… The temperature has been colder than normal and accounts for most of the misery. The snow does melt as rapidly and when it does, the roads and walkways turn to black ice by nightfall. I’ve been snowed and/or iced in three times already this year and this time I needed that trusty snow shovel. This is day four and I expect I’ll get out today to make a mail run and perhaps a quick stop at the grocery.

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