Jan 24

Sewing/Craft Room Make-Over: Before

I wish I could say that something extra special was happening, e.g. one of the make-over teams from Home and Garden network are going to help me out… Nah, that’s not going to happen. None-the-less, with the expectation that a sibling will be coming to live with me in my little retirement home and my “guest room” will be permanently ¬†occupied by mid summer. That means I need new accommodations (besides the living room floor) for my son or others come to visit.

I’ve been using the study/den for a sewing/craft room — the messiest room in the house, stacked high with supplies for making soap, making candles, paper orientated scrapbooking, and quilting. The make-over will include taking the less frequently used items to storage and re-inventing my workspace. The before pictures here (after to come fairly soon I hope) indicate much of the clutter and my make-do workspace. My sewing machine table and cutting tables are of the folded table variety. If you look closely you’ll notice that my late husband had added PVC pipe as leg extensions so that I don’t have to break my back when cutting fabric, wrapping gifts, etc.

My “new room” will need to accommodate a good sewing space and a day bed, and oh yes, I need to finally workout a window treatment. That poor window has been naked except for a hideous blind for years. Ah, call in the designers.. oops that would take lots of money that I certainly cannot spare, so I’ll do a bit of dreaming and try to work this out myself. Bet I’m up to the challenge, but it may take time.

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