Dec 29

New Atlas for Coastal Georgia

Any historical or family genealogist with ties to East and Costal Georgia will be happy to learn that Paul K. Graham has very recently published his Atlas of East and Coastal Georgia: Watercourses and Militia Districts published by The Genealogy Company, Decatur, Georgia.

The book contains maps for 50 of Georgia Counties of east and coastal Georgia, developed by Paul K. Graham, containing keys to watercourses, lakes and costal watercourses, militia district, incorporated areas and county boundaries. In addition to the maps (arranged in alphabetical order) the book contains an index to militia districts by number; militia districts by name; and watercourses.

The paperback book is available on Amazon.com for $14.95. For additional information, including a sample page or two, be sure to visit Paul’s website at ¬†http://www.pkgraham.com/atlas/.

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