Dec 19

My How You’ve Changed!

Goodness, how things can change on the Internet, seemingly just overnight. Recently two of my most frequently used websites have had face-lifts. FamilySearch (familysearch.com) and the National Archives (archives.gov). Surely the changes are for the best, but I sometimes resent having to make the time to learn the new functionality, change bookmarks, and just find my way around.

One way to learn about the changes is to read some of the wonderful blogs that are available. I’m sure I haven’t found them all, but when I find a blog I want to visit regularly, I use Google Reader. I can add a subscription (the URL of the blog), and Google Reader alerts me each time a post has been added to a particular blog. I can read each entry on Google Reader and do not have to bounce around from one blog addy to another.

While catching up with “Genea-Musings” by Randy Seaver, I was thrilled to learn that FamilySearch presented a Bloginar on 15 December (which I’d known about it then, but…). Randy informed his readers that a recording of the FamilySearch Bloginar is available online at https://wiki.familysearch.org/en/FamilySearch_Bloginar_Presentation_-_December_2010. I just watched the recording and am so happy to report that the session is an excellent tool for learning how to navigate about the new FamilySearch website and to use the site efficiently and effectively. Thank you FamilySearch for making the session available for review, and thank you Randy for broadcasting the link.