Monthly Archive: December 2010

Dec 29

New Atlas for Coastal Georgia


Any historical or family genealogist with ties to East and Costal Georgia will be happy to learn that Paul K. Graham has very recently published his Atlas of East and Coastal Georgia: Watercourses and Militia Districts published by The Genealogy Company, Decatur, Georgia. The book contains maps for 50 of Georgia Counties of east and …

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Dec 28

Happy New Year!


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Dec 28

FamilySearch Library Catalog


As many of you may know,, has had a facelift and I’m liking it! From the home page you have several options each of which will be determined by your reason for visiting the website. I admit that heretofore my principal reason for visiting was to use the “Library Catalog” (new look demonstrated herein), …

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Dec 26

White Christmas


I’ve been in Georgia for 25 years and this was my first White Christmas. Of course, as in most southern states, the event caused a great many safety concerns, particularly in the late afternoon and evening when temperatures dropped below 32 and the highways and byways began to ice over. Fortunately I wasn’t on the …

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Dec 25

Merry Christmas


Dec 23

Christmas Stollen

Get Ready, Get Set...

Stollen is a German sweet bread made with dried fruit and almonds. This is something I’ve traditionally prepared for the Christmas holidays since about 1968 (Yikes! that’s a very long time!). The recipe calls for a drizzle of confectionary icing, but for several years I’ve omitted that extra touch of sweet. The bread is really …

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Dec 19

My How You’ve Changed!


Goodness, how things can change on the Internet, seemingly just overnight. Recently two of my most frequently used websites have had face-lifts. FamilySearch ( and the National Archives ( Surely the changes are for the best, but I sometimes resent having to make the time to learn the new functionality, change bookmarks, and just find …

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Dec 18

If You Can’t Say Something Nice…

Most of the older generation frequently heard their elders say, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” However, very few were very good about following the “rule” themselves. Nana Perkins was an exception! I don’t every recall her saying an unkind thing about anyone. When I became interested in learning about …

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