Nov 15

New Automobile

In April of 1930, my grandfather purchased a new Chevrolet Sedan. Grandmother (I’d recognize that handwriting anywhere) made a notation on the bill of sale that the car was delivered on April 22nd and on May 2nd the car was paid for with a check dated May 1st, 1930. The name Charles Huckins, proprietor jumped out as I recall visiting the Huckins garage and car dealership that was located in Pittsfield with my grandmother some fifteen years later. You see, Nana Perkins’ had a nephew Aubrey Brown who sold cars for Huckins and I recall her taking her car to the garage for service. I’ve located a photograph of my maternal grandparents taken about 1930 or 1931. I’ll bet that the car in the background is that new Chevy!


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  1. DearMYRTLE

    Gosh, once can barely rent a car during a trip for $770.

    Interesting that the car was delivered BEFORE payment was received.

    AWESOME job sharing your ancestors with the world.

    Keep up the good work!

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