Nov 07

In Memory of Our Veterans

Mary Evelyn Tomlin, Narayan Sengupta, & Nathan Jordan

Many of us were honored yesterday to attend an event honoring our veterans at the National Archives at Atlanta–From Bunker Hill to Kabul: The Search for Family Stories in the National Archives.

Nathan Jordan, a West Point graduate who served five years and was recalled in 2006 to serve a year in Afghanistan, presented a dynamic session on military research at the National Archives. Nathan, who now works as an Archives Technician, honored his ancestors who served in the American Revolution, the Creek War, the Civil War, WWI, and WWII, as he described research techniques. ¬†Attendees also enjoyed the nine display boxes filled with Nathan’s military memorabilia.

The second speaker was Narayan Sengupt, gave a brief overview of two books he has written involving his research in Americans World War I aviation. His interest in the subject related to his 2nd great grandmother’s sharing her home in France with Teddy Roosevelt’s youngest son, Quentin, before he was shot down in July 1918 by the Germans.

Many veterans were in attendance and briefly discussed their involvement in the U.S. Armed Services.

Spoon from Meriwether family