Linda, a native of New England, has been a resident of Georgia since 1985. After teaching mathematics in a couple of Georgia high schools for five years, she became a genealogical consultant. In her space time she builds websites for historical and genealogical societies and enjoys getting the manuscripts of others ready for printing. Linda loves crafty things such as quilting, soap making, and digital scrapbooking.

Linda Woodward Geiger is the principal researcher, author, and lecturer, of Woodward-Geiger.com (a subdivision of Vitaline, Inc.). Although she specializes in Georgia’s state and county records prior to 1900 and a variety of federal records, particularly of the southeast region of the United States, she has extensive experience in many other geographic regions of the United States. Her personal research involves New England records. She also specializes in methods for finding elusive ancestors–those mighty brick walls. Her list of lecture topics provides more details on specific records that she regularly studies.

Linda and J. Mark Lowe, CGsm, are the principals of Regional In-d


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