Mar 31

Georgia Death Certificates, 1919–1930

In 1914 Georgia’s State Board of Health was required to collect information on the States vital records. However, compliance was minimal until 1919 when statewide registration of births and deaths were required by legislation.

Digital images of Georgia death certificates, 1914–1927 (335,472 images) are available free online from two websites—Georgia Archives Virtual Vault and FamilySearch. [FamilySearch requires users to register and to “login.” Registration, however, is free.] The certificates are in the custody of the Georgia Archives and were filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah. FamilySearch also provides images of Georgia death certificates from 1928–1930 (123,418 images).

Since the images in the Georgia Archives Virtual Vault and FamilySearch are the same, users should look at both and determine which site suits their needs best. The search criteria is similar, with subtle differences—FamilySearch has a field called “place” while the Georgia Archives site uses a field called “County of death.” It is a no wonder that the FamilySearch query produces a much larger return. In addition to returning results for deaths occurring in Pickens County, FamilySearch also returns results where birth place is recorded as Pickens County.

Search criteria at FamilySearch

Search criteria at the Georgia Archives Virtual Vault

A comprehensive overview of Georgia death records is available at FamilySearchs Wiki.

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  1. Diane Ivey

    I CANNOT get the virtual vaul to open – this has been happening for a long time now

    1. admin

      Try going to http://cdm.sos.state.ga.us:2011/cdm/

  2. admin

    I’ve replied directly to your eMail address, since the reply option on my blog is not cooperating this morning.

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