May 10

Tunnel Hill

Tunnel Hill

May 7, 1864. The Federal forces, under Maj. Gen. W.T. Sherman, began the campaign for Atlanta by seizing Tunnel Hill. Howard’s 4th A.C., having marched from Catoosa Springs, drove Wheeler’s Cav. from the R.R. tunnel S. to Mill Creek Gap.

Palmer’s 14th A.C., moving from Ringgold (U.S. Highway 41), supported Howard on his right and extended the Federal front to Mill Cr. Gap, where its rt. joined left of 20th A.C. in Dogwood Valley.

These operations were designed to engage the Confederate forces at Dalton, while McPherson’s army moved from the W. to Snake Creek Gap, 18 miles S. of Tunnel Hill.


Tunnel Hill
Georgia Historic Marker. 155-024, Georgia Historical Commission, 1985
Whitfield County Georgia

Photograph taken by Linda Woodward Geiger. All Rights Reserved

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