May 10

Harris’ Gap

Harris' Gap

In 1864 the direct road from Tunnel Hill to Varnell’s, passed through Harris Gap at this point, which is just N. of where Rocky Face drops off into continuous foot-hills.

Federal operations in Crow Valley by the 23d A.C. [Army Corps], began with its march S. from the Dr. Lee house to this road. Schofield had h’dq’rs at the Harris house (which stood opp. this marker until 1952), May 8, – 10, 1864.

May 9, Judah’s 2d & Cox’s 3d divs. moved S. from this road, astride the low ridge (E. of Rocky Face), toward Stevenson’s sector of the Dalton defenses. Hovey’s 1st div., in reserve, guarded the gap & supported Judah & Cox.


Harris’ Gap
Georgia Historic Marker. 155-026, Georgia Historical Commission, 1954
Whitfield County Georgia

Photograph taken by Linda Woodward Geiger. All Rights Reserved

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