Feb 25

George Disney’s Grave


High up on Roky Face. S. of gap. is the lone grave of English-born George Disney. Co. K., 4th Ky. Inft., Lewis’ “Orphan Brigade”. Bate’s div., Hindman’s Corps [C.S.A].

The 4th Ky. was deployed to form a living telegraph line from base to summit of the ridge at the point where the view commanded Federal movements in open valley N.W. Disney, atop the ridge, was killed by a random bullet, Feb. 25, 1864; he was buried where he fell.

Dalton Boy Scouts, on a hike, found the grave, & directed by Scout Master Wm. M. Sapp, Sr., replaced the inscribed heart – pine board with a marble marker, May 13, 1912.

GHM 155-16, 1954
Located on US 41 about 1/2 mile north of Tibbs Road, Whitfield County
Photographed by Linda Woodward Geiger

Note: The next GHM (chronologically speaking) for activity in 1964 does not occur until May. These blog posts will resume on May 2nd, 2014.


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