Feb 25

Mill Creek Gap

GHM 155-13

Otherwise known as Buzzard Roost. This natural gateway through Rocky Face Ridge was heavily fortified by Confederate forces at Dalton, after their retreat from Missionary Ridge.

February 25, 1864, the Federal 14th A.C., Dept. of the Cumberland, moving by Tunnel Hill, attempted to seize the gap, but were driven back y Stewart’s & Breckinridge’s divs. At the same time, the gap was assailed from Crow Valley, E. of Rocky Face, by Cruft’s & Baird’s divs. which were repulsed by Hindman’s A.C.

These Federal moves were prompted by rumors that Johnston’s command had reinforced Polk facing Sherman’s forces at Meridian, Miss.

GHM 155-013, 1987
Location: Old US 41 (gravel road off Tibbs Road), Whitfield County
Photographed by Linda Woodward Geiger

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