Feb 25

Crow Valley



Feb. 25, 1864. Federal forces moved S. on this rd. in an attempt to outflank the Confederate defenders at Mill Creek Capt, which was being threatened by 2 Fed. divs. from the W. These movements were to test the strength of Johnston’s army at Dalton, said to have been depleted by a shift of Hardee’s A.C. to Mississippi. All Federal attacks failed.

Troops in this area were Cruft’s div., 4th A.C., Baird’s div., 14th A.C., & Long’s cavaltry.

5 landmarks of the Feb. operations in Crow Valley, still survive: the Crow house, opp. this marker; the Davis house 500 ft. n., the Burke house, spring & log barn, 2 mi. N.E.

GHM155-21, 1954
Location: Intersection of Reed Pond Road and Crow Valley Road, Whitfield County
Photographed 6/16/1994 by Linda Woodward Geiger

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