Feb 24

Military Operations in Crow Valley


There were 2 demonstrations by Federal forces on Dalton, in 1864: Feb 24-26; May 7-12. On these over-lapping fields of operations, the Burke house & spring were noted landmarks.

Feb. 25, Cruft’s & Baird’s divs. (rth & 14th A.C.), via the low ridge W., moved to outflank the Confederates at Mil Creek Gap, but were forced back. May 9, 2 divs., Schofield’s 23d A.C., were halted at S. end of ridge, by Stevenson’s div., Hood’s A.C., & the artillery at Potato Hill.

The log barn at the Burke house was used as a hospital by Surg. S.C. Menzies, Med. Director, Cruft’s div., 4th A.C.,Feb. 25.

GHM #155-23, 1954.
Located: Reed Road, Whitfield County
Photographed 6/16/1994 by Linda Woodward Geiger.

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