Feb 24

Georgia Historical Markers: An Introduction

During the 1950s the state of Georgia established a Historic Commission. One of their tasks was to  research, prepare text, and designate site locations for historical markers that would be erected throughout Georgia’s highways and byways. During the 1950s and 1960s, the Commission erected markers relating to county seats, early highways, historic home, the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War (to name but a few). Many of the records of the Historic Commission can be located at the Georgia Archives in Morrow, Georgia, Record Group 61.

Later the Georgia Department of Natural Resources over-saw the historical marker program and today new markers are the responsibility of the Georgia Historical Society.

Because of my late husband’s keen interest in the Civil War, he and I set spent many days traveling thousands of miles within the state of Georgia. Our mission was to locate as many of the markers that were erected to commemorate the military actives in Georgia during the Civil War (including cemeteries, forts, arsenals, roads, forts and entrenchments). During out quest we located and photographed over a thousand Georgia Historical Markers.

The Atlanta Campaign portion of the Civil War occurred in 1864. Here were are 150 years later and I’d like to share some that that history as represented on the historical markers with you. I would be remiss if I did not tell my readers that the markers were not always accurate. However, I’m posting photographs and transcribing the text in the exact words that appear on the markers. I will not correct or point out errors.

Using this blog as a vehicle, I plan to provide a chronology of Sherman’s Atlanta Campaign.

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