Oct 15

Tombstone Tuesday: Marker of Charles Dillard Mullinax & Martha Taylor


The cemetery plot in which Charles Dillard Mullinax and his wife Martha Taylor are buried contains an interesting and informative cement slab—the names with relationships of many of the Mullinax kin:

Charles Dillard Mullinax

Father’s side

Father: Marion Mullinax

Grandparents: D.W. Mullinax and Minerva Caylor

Great Grandparents: Frank Mullinax & Cynthia Childers

Great Great Grandparents: David Caylor and Pamela Craig

Mother’s side

Mother: Webbie Mullins

Grandparents: Charlie Mullins & Lou Harris

Great Grandparents: Webb Mullins & Elizabeth Dunigan

Great Great Grandparents: Jim Harris & Cordelia Moss

Great Uncles & Aunts

Luck Mullins, Jane Mullins, Skid Harris, Pluma Harris, Ben Mullinax, Bob Mullinax, Jim Mullinax, France & Matt Mullinax, Wesley Caylor, Mandy Fountain, Sarah Fowler, and Cordelia Ingram

Uncles & Aunts – Father’s Side By Age

Hiram Mullinax

Catherine Thomason

Luther Mullinax

Amanda Smith

Ella Smith

Vista Sweney

Julia Ingram

Uncles & Aunts – Mother’s Side By Age

Effie Poole

Alama Mullinax

Webbie Mullinax

Enos Mullins

Eunice Caylor

Brothers and Sisters by Age

Dillard & Seaborn

Grace Taylor

Elsie Eaton

Ruthelle Wooten

Bertha Mullinax

D.W. & Delmar

Children by Age

Shirley Fowler – Johnny Mullinax

Judy Mullinax – Karen Cantrell

Grand Children by Age

Jennifer & Mellisa Mullinax

Amanda Cantrell

Great Grand Children by Age

Amberly & Joshua Richards

Martha Mullinax

Father: Charlie Taylor

Mother: Roxie McMillen

Brothers and Sisters By Age

Clayton Taylor

Robert Taylor

Martha Mullinax

Bertie Daley

Charles and Martha Mullinax (married 16 February 1946 in Mobile Alabama) are buried at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Pickens County, Georgia.

The plot and markers were viewed and photographed by the author on 6 May 2002.

Linda Woodward Geiger. All rights reserved.

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  1. dena richards

    I wondered why my grandparents tombstone was on this website. I would also like to let you know as the first grandchild, daughter of Shirley, my name was left out.

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