Oct 04

Nuisance Wildlife in These Mountains

The North Georgia Mountains seem to be having an increasing problem with co-habitation of humans and wildlife. It seems to me that many of the humans in my community are imbecilic. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that wildlife is frequently attracted to human garbage.

Black BearMy home is in the North Georgia Mountains in the eastern section of Pickens County near the Dawson County line. Several mornings during the last month, bears as well as raccoons have ransacked trashcans. It has been reported that the substantial trashcan outside the entrance to the fitness center weights about 200 pounds yet it has been knocked over and its contents examined for food. Some of our residents dispose of their beverage containers and food waste in public trashcans outside of the mail facility, fitness center, etc., instead of disposing of it with their other household trash. If we can’t train the residents, then the community leaders should eliminate the trashcans.

Feral PigOur community has, also seen an influx of the feral hogs recently. Various traps have been set to help coral them and remove them from the community. These menacing tusked intruders can be grow to be as large as 400 pounds and have large litters of piglets. A recent notice was sent out indicating that images of some residents visiting the trapping area have been captured on camera. Come-on folks! You are jeopardizing the capture process and are also putting yourselves in danger.

A news report within the last week also indicates that the feral pigs have been seen in some of the Atlanta suburbs and not just the North Georgia Mountains.

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