Oct 02

Dahlonega Gold Museum

With the furlough and shut down of National Parks, perhaps more people will take the opportunity to visit state run museums and Parks.

Dahlonega_1013The old courthouse, constructed in 1836, on the square in Dahlonega (Lumpkin County) is a state historic site housing the Dahlonega Gold Museum.


Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm
Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm


$ 6.00, Adults
$ 5.50, Seniors (62+)
$ 3.50, Youth (6–17)
$ 1.00, Child (under 6)

Driving Directions

The first gold rush[1] in the United States was located in this area of the North Georgia Mountains near the current ghost town of Auraria (you can guess why they community was named Auraria, can’t you) not far from Dahlonega

If you want to learn about the 1829 Gold Rush, I suggest that you visit the Dahlonega Gold Musuem and, also, that you read David Williams book, The Georgia Gold Rush: Twenty-Niners, Cherokees, and Gold Fever [University of South Carolina Press, 1993]. You can also download a PDF copy of a Coulter’s Auraria: The Story of a Georgia Gold-Mining Town [University of Georgia Press, 1956].

On Monday, I took a friend from the UK to visit the Dahlonega Gold Museum.

Part of a stamping machine

Part of a stamping machine


Display of tools usded in a placer mine

Safe used by Lumpkin County Superior Court from 1886-1965

2,500 lb. safe used by Lumpkin County Superior Court from 1886-1965









Following our museum visit we had lunch on the square and then headed off to visit the only working gold mine in the area and to try our hand at panning for gold. Below are a few images of some of the old equipment used in mining process.

Dahlonega_1031 Dahlonega_1028 Dahlonega_1027 Mining Equipment at The Crisson Mine Dahlonega_1022 Dahlonega_1023

What a wonderful day!


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[1] Some will argue that the first gold rush was actually in area of Villa Rica in present day Carroll County, Georgia.

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